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Central Law Library was established at the initiative of the Supreme Court of Nepal and The Asia Foundation during the tenure of Chief Justice Biswanath Upadhyaya in 1993. The Asia Foundation and some other foreign embassies put tremendous effort for the establishment of the Library that may includes supply of estimated 3000 volumes of law books, infrastructure, library equipment's and consultancy service, among others. UN Information Center Kathmandu supported the library in early years.

Major objective of the library is to improve the legal research system in the country. The library is probably biggest law library in the country opened for public. Researchers, law student at the advance level and lawyers comprise largest number of its users. Fifty of them in average visit the library every day.

Currently we have approximately 15000 volumes of law books and other legal publications published in the country and abroad as well. We have good collection of Nepalese, Indian, British and American law books. Some embassies donated many of them. UNDP also supported the library providing valuable UN Treaty Series after the establishment of the library.

Welcome to our official Website

The Central Law Library is an autonomous body constituted under the Development Committee Act of 1956. The Board is headed by a Judge of the Supreme Court of Nepal. The Board members comprises with the Secretary, Ministry of Law and Justice, Registrar, the Supreme Court, Deputy Attorney General, Attorney General's Office, Dean, Law Faculty- Tribhuvan University, Chairperson, Nepal Bar Association, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Education and the Chief Librarian as the Member Secretary.

The Library was established in August 1993 at the initiative of the former Chief Justice of Nepal Bishwanath Upadhayaya.  The library was developed aiming to create special platform for legal and judicial research for the judges, prosecutors, lawyers and academics. 

The library was inaugurated with 4,000 volumes of legal publications in the country and abroad. The technical assistance from USAID and the Asia Foundation was made available during the inception phase. The UN System, various embassies and international organizations have contributed with valuable publications on periodic basis apart from procured by the Library.

Currently the Library has above 15,000 volumes of publications followed by electronic data. This is the biggest specialized law library in the country. The library has the collection of Nepalese, Indian, American, British laws followed by Islamic law and UN treaty series.